Thursday, October 1, 2009


im on line looking at pictures from abl. i come across the collab piece that goldi and flux did. my daughters like..."mommy i like that"...then she sees me, standing beside them. we all have on lanyards for the show. she say's...."did everyone have to wear those?" im like..."just the artists". "but mommy your not an artist". ha! as if this is not enough, after i give her a very rough definition of an artist...which includes.."...creating something that people like to look at"...she says in disbelief "but people dont like to look at what you create..(pictures??)"

big ups to the REAL artists!


Allogenes said...

Keep doin ya thing..shorty will understand soon enough. :-)

Anonymous said...

HAAAAAA! She's funny. I'm.... Wildin'! FANGGGG!!!

adachi said...

lol. of course you're not an artist j, you're just mommy, you should know that by now :)

Sophie said...

LMAO. Mana mana mana