Friday, April 30, 2010

first haircut...the other one

but it all started with him. months ago he somehow shaved a lock out of the front of his hair...forcing me to at least cut it lower....he was ready to 'cut his locks'.
then he began to insist on a hair cut...with a peace sign in the back.

side note..he is very opposed to a argument with me there..been there for sure, and will probably return.

poor thing did not realize the barber would have to pick it out :/

Thursday, April 29, 2010

well...sundiata had been begging for a haircut for some while. but first i thought i would get some minor barbering done myself. first we headed to "my" barber. after i got out of the chair...vuai followed.


he "needed a change"

he understands at such an early age that others have attachments to illusions that they think is him. he understands that he will be him regardless....