Tuesday, December 9, 2008

another "headshot" party on december 20th

"kinda like glamor shots, but not really"
but first a disclaimer...

NO I DO NOT CHARGE $25 FOR HEADSHOTS, I CHARGE A LOT MORE THAN THAT. so if you want that price, come to the group session.

1.if you come to my party, $25 will buy you 5 shots..that i'm pretty sure you will loooooveee.
2. we have lots of fun, ask around
3. one of the dopest artists i know will be there to paint faces and bodies
4. another one of the dopest artists i know, will be there doing live painting (john hairston jr. from god city)
5.it's a steal!!!!!!
6.you can bring a friend, date or spouse
7. wild things happen there (well not that wild)
8. anyone can come
9.its not just head shots...its really whatever you want..but for those who need a professional head shot, you are welcome too!
10. it's fun..

p.s. sometimes i take ious and really good barters, but mostly i want $25

so, until i post the next flier please direct all questions to jasiatic@gmail.com

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THE JODY said...

Hey sista, when yall have another one of these parties with the head shot specials, will you please hit me up. Stay jazzy and happy new year.