Thursday, October 23, 2008

from end to beggining: an east coast tour

in the wee hours, there was yerba mate, acro yoga, healing touch, couscous, art and love ...jean jacques...the gracious host


adachi said...

this post makes my heart

that picture of sundiata is precious, i love the story in good.

and that last picture is burning a whole through me....sheesh
thank you for posting these

jean jacques for PresIdenT!! lol :P

Goldi gold said...

damn, luv the energy from these joints. just make u wanna be there to experience the whole 9

maf said...

Good stuff, good photos.

elisha said...

you always capture the perfect moments.. the memories & stories are great!!

ILORIN said...

I lUV EM...I LUV EM! um Vuai, with the teal lol. I lUV EM...I LUV VUAIIIII!!!

Mad P said...

scrambled tofu! Magnificent :-)

Is that Jean-Jaque in the picture of the picture booth pictures? (sp?)

wild cowgirl said...


i feel like i too was in the space.