Friday, August 1, 2008

"say something" pt. 2 the jones experience continues


Goldi gold said...

damn, it look like they was posing just 4 u, niiiiiiiiccceee!!!

SOUL REBEL said...

These are some great pics. I got a rare chance to see nas, az and some dude with a wine bottle perform back in 1994 at the old velvet room when it was downtown. I paid 30 bucks and we waited mad late for those cats to show up. They cam and got on stage. Nas and Az did life's a bitch and left. I felt robbed. 30 bucks to see these cats perform one song and be out. No opening act, no freestyle, no nothing. I still am a fan and ended up buying 2 copies of illmatic when it came out. Talib is one of the dopest emcees and I hope oneday he finally gets the respect he deserves.