Sunday, July 13, 2008

wOlly Vinyl....artist extraordinaire

this is wOlly Vinyl...
he is a very dope artist
not only a visual artist
but obviously a hip- hop artist
spectators say he was on his very best behavior
this particular night at the grad
taking it "easy" so to say
comparatively speaking...
i'm not really sure.
i am sure though, that he's not too happy about me blogging these photos of him
but what can i say....i couldn't resist


Goldi gold said...

Dope pics. Dude look like he finish his painting and went to dropping jewels on the mic!!!!

lovo said...

wolly V!


Madelyne said...

Damn you have a way of capturing essence.

SOUL REBEL said...

Hey, jabari did a great job with this event as usual. ABL has come along way since it's start at the 5 spot. It gives us underground visual artists a big stage to showcase our work and share it with everybody. WE NEED MORE EVENTS AND PEOPLE LIKE THIS TO SUPPORT THE ARTS AND IGNORE THE MAINSTREAM!